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Meet the Staff

  • Janill Ayala

    Janill Ayala

    Office Manager

    Janill is a great multitasker, greeting everyone with a friendly attitude, and helping all our patients to the best of her abilities. She has excellent phone skills, precertification management, insurance benefits checking, and communications with our biller. Her favorite quote is “Handle once procedure.” During her leisure time, you find Janill reading autobiographies, trying different foods, and most importantly spending quality time with her family.

  • Maria F. Martinez

    Maria F. Martinez

    Front Desk Receptionist & Chiropractic Assistant.

    Maria is a very friendly receptionist, with great costumer service skills, and the right person to answer any questions about our acupuncture services. She is very keen on educating and empowering patients about their health. Her favorite quote is “As long as we are alive, possibilities are alive.” During her leisure time, you’ll find Maria enjoying foreign music, creating fashion designs, and improving her swimming skills.

  • Aline Araujo

    Aline Araujo

    Chiropractic Assistant

    Aline is always ready to help our patients with their therapy. She will coach and educate everyone to the best of her abilities. You may also find her answering phone calls and properly scheduling patients to their appointed times. Her favorite quote is “Learn kindness. Spread kindness. Let kindness be your everlasting impression on others.” During her leisure time, you’ll find Aline playing her guitar, singing, and learning new languages.

  • Lorraine

    Lorraine Rosado

    Chiropractic Assistant

    Lorraine is very kind; she’s always ready to help patients with their therapy and exercises. With a friendly attitude, she will guide you through your therapy and make sure you are educated on everything you need to know about your treatment. Her favorite quote is “Live a better day by taking a minute to breathe.” During her leisure time, you’ll find Lorraine painting and researching interior design.