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Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Injury Pain

Wednesday, August 10, 2022
ProHealth Chiropractic and Injury Center - Auto Injury Pain

Hello dear fans of our Pembroke Pines' ProHealth Chiropractic blog. If you are suffering auto-accident related pain, our team of professionals are highly trained and ready to treat you today! We treat your auto-accident pain via chiropractic, real pain relief awaits you here at The ProHealth Chiropractic and Injury Center.

So you have been hurt in a car wreck?

We know that after a car accident there are a million things on your mind and our job is to help you with as many of those as we can.

Our priority is always to evaluate the extent of your injuries and get you feeling better as fast as we can. With the advanced treatment options, we have available and the protocols we have developed over the years our Doctor of Chiropractic get amazing results with most auto injuries. If for any reason we determine that your injuries require more involved medical care we have a fantastic network of physicians from multiple different specialties that we can get you into quickly.

Besides the physical pain from an auto collision there are always a lot of questions about insurance and costs. Our amazing team of support staff will walk you through all your options and help you to figure out which is the best approach to make sure that you are able to get the care you need.

If it was a low-speed collision do I still need to get checked out?

Yes - Research has shown that you can be injured in a car accident at speeds less than 5 mph and with little to no visible damage to your car. The problem with these kinds of injuries is that they don’t always show up immediately but often can appear as headaches or neck pain several weeks after the accident. The worst part is that these kinds of injuries often lead to early degenerative changes like arthritis down the road.

What if the accident was my fault?

You are still likely to experience injuries and should get checked out. Luckily most auto insurance policies include a personal injury protection clause which allows you to get care using your own auto insurance even if it was your fault.

Do I need an attorney?

Sometimes – Every situation is different but depending on the severity of your injuries and the total cost of the care that you are likely to need, sometimes it is necessary to get an attorney involved to make sure that the responsible party takes care of their obligation to you. A good attorney can also take a lot of the stress of dealing with the insurance companies off your shoulders so that you can focus on getting well.

What are the most common injuries caused by auto accidents?

Whiplash - Whiplash is the most common injury we see from motor vehicle accidents and occurs when a person's spine, or neck, was unexpectedly and suddenly thrown quickly in one direction and then immediately after pulled in the opposite direction. This unexpected and unnatural motion can cause major injury to your neck support structures including the muscles, ligaments, discs, and bones. Symptoms can start as neck soreness or stiffness and can be accompanied by headache, fatigue, jaw pain, arm pain, and more. In more serious injuries, it can even lead to depression and sleep disorders.

Back Pain - Back pain is another common complaint after an auto accident. This is often caused by the way that your body is thrown around in the car while your waste is restrained by the seat belt. We also see a lot of shoulder chest and rib injuries caused by seat belts but these injuries are all way better than the alternative, so ABSOLUTELY WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.

If auto accident-related pain is robbing you of quality of life, let’s put you on a path to end that starting now! Contact us and let us put you on the path to real pain relief, real fast!